12s4p vs 10s4p vs 6s4p - for a budget max range board

Hello all. I’m trying to choose a battery but I’m just so stumped on how much I’m willing to go all on with my batteries for.

Would a 6s4p get me at least over a boosted boards crap 12 miles. If not, when would I start breaching the 15 mile range territory.

I’ve done the calculations of top speed however personally top speed is something I’m not keen on spoiling myself with. Range is what I’m on the hunt for. Any suggestions?


This site is great check it out

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If the old ‘formula’ still stands true… then you need about 10wh / km or 16.10 Wh / mi

16.1 wh X 15 = 241.5 Wh

You want some reserve there, so add about 20% at least

241.5 * 1.2 = 289.8 Wh / ~290Wh.

This might be conservative but for 6s that would equal to about 13.46 AH (290 / 21.6 )

For 10s / 12 s it should be a lot lower… And yeh, remember that if you would drain the pack dry… then you would probably get about 5km / 3 miles extra… always add some reserve…

Data might be a bit over, as I think there are people who also get 8wh/ km or 12.87 wh / mi… Then you would be good with about 205 Wh or so… Though it looks like you would still need over 200Wh pack… (divide by 36v or 43.2v if you want to get 10/12s Ah count)