12S5P Battery Pack from eskating.eu - UK, London

12S5P battery pack for sale - £480

Came in my dual beast from eskating.eu - specs here

I have done less than 50 miles (that’s being conservative!) on the board and the battery has been charged between 20% to 80% about two/three times.

I’m ‘downgrading’ to 29" deck for something more portable and suitable for my commute. Planning to move the parts across to the new deck but the battery wont fit. Hence I’m selling this and will buy a 10S3P.

Alternatively, if you’re interested in the whole board, let me know.

Based in W.London but can deliver/meet-up in London and surrounding areas. From what I’ve read, I’m not sure I can legally ship the battery.


Does the battery come with the enclosure and charger? (Both have value)

and nice that’s an all around good board with great parts.

Comes with charger.

I was planning on selling the deck and enclosure separately but I can do a deal if you want the enclosure too.

The board is fantastic and that’s why I’m transferring most of the parts over to the new deck but it’s just too big and heavy for my commute which involves lugging it around through train stations and storing it on the train.

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Yeah dude just checking on the deal, This stuff kinda outa my league atm :rofl:

Ah cool no worries :slight_smile:

You can ship batteries anywhere with gls

How much for the deck?


Deck — £110

Eskating.eu 12S5P Battery Pack + Charger + Enclosure + Gasket + On/Off Switch + Battery Screen + Light Switch + Cables + All Glued and Fitted into Enclosure — £500

Kayak Handle — £5

All items — £600

I’m trying to build this so if anyone has a flat 10S3P that will fit the Unik enclosure, I would take that as part of the deal.

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10% price drop on all parts.

Will throw in 3D printed lights if everything bought. Can deliver in and around London (based in Berks).

I have a double stacked 12s4p battery from torquboard that fits on a jet spud board that I would trade + 70 euros if we can figure out how to ship. I’m in Spain.

Hi, did you manage to sell the battery

Is the deck still available?

interested in deck & battery

I bought it

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