12s5p Flexible Enclosure?

Yo guys,

Asking for a friend,

Where tf can you buy an enclosure that can hold a double stacked 12s5p battery that will allow flex? Would it be easier to make one? Needing all the help i can get lol

Cheers guys

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For what type of deck?

not sure yet, just trying to get an idea. he’s leaning toward a bgt deck

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Is he looking for alot of flex or a little

Because Ik the Hummie decks have a little and its enclouser somewhat flexs enough room for a 12s5p

I think 4p is the max size for the single stack trampa enclosure, maybe that’s an option

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eboosted sells a double stack for trampa which fit theoretically 12s8p, so 12s5p should work as well


Eboosted is the right man for enclosures. I think on his page you will find what you are looking for