12v brush type Electric motor question

I have a 12v trolling motor - its specs listed on the motor are: Power: 12 volt DC No load current: .9 amp Low speed current: 5.8 amp High speed current: 12.5 amp

Unfortunately that is all the info listed. Obviously this is a 2 speed capable, with the right switch, brush type motor. Would this work well at all for an electric skateboard? It moved a boat with 2 adults fairly well.

Thank you very much for any and all info - greatly appreciated!

i have a 24V china made DC eboard . the dc motor was build just for factory sale worth but not exactly for long ride worth . after 2 weeks on it . and after figuring out what the problem is it breakdown easily til it wont move at all . i opened up and found out it was not really well constructed for eboards . yes of course dc motor packs alot of torque . IF IT WAS well constructed . even though , it STILL NEEDS maintenance now and then . come to think of DC motors , almost all famous brand BATTERY POWERED DRILLs are DC motor . so one might think “why not eboard made with DC MOTORS ?”

since you’ve mentioned that your DC MOTOR is a 12V motor that can be use for boats and heavy loads and can withstand lengths of usage ,… i’d say ~ go ahead ! make it happen . for me , i am done stripping & servicing open my 24V dc motor . posts pics & vids of your built . most of the china made dc eboard users i see in youtube post vids about their eboard breaking down and eventualy wont move . and i advice them to get their hands dirty abd service their dc motor . I’ll put pics & vids here for you .

that DC motor is humongous compared to Enertion’s R~SPEC 5563 then Enertion’s is a bit bigger compared to the one i am using from and those 2 BLDC motors out performed beyond my expectations considering my 55kg weight . havent tried full throttle .


these ready-to-ride china made DC Eboards are worthless . one Youtuber posted . check on her previous post also . then again ; if you have a good reliable DC motor that can be usefull . and you can built it , we are all happy for you . check out all the various eboards on Youtube . some are crazy SICK . but it all runs and proved usefull to their respective owners .