12v Car battery in series?

I used to be very into robotics, so I have a couple of these big car batteries lying around, and that’s perfectly cheaper than going out and buying a brand new one. Would there be any problems I would run into using this? They have like 8Ah which is plenty for me, and 3 of them will get me plenty of voltage. But will they work? And also I know they are heavy that’s not a problem.

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Car batteries have been used for ages in the ebike world. They are heavy and bulky. The weight might not be a problem for you but… do you have room for them? They are also not really longlasting so the price/wh is no longer the cheapest option. Consider lithium before you try that.

He said he already has the batteries why not just use it?

I’d use those big batteries on something bigger like an electric go cart and ebike those batters will be too big for esk8

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Lead batteries are perf for longbaords - density and weight. They should be fine, test it out and post the results!

Yes. They will work. Probably not comfortable though.

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how are they at all perfect? some car batteries are like 300x300x300mm…


They aren’t. The perfect battery for longboards hasn’t been invented yet, but would probably look like a sheet of plastic 1mm thick and be 100Ah but be feather-light, super-flexible, and last forever with 500A discharging/charging possible.


exactly 10char

you party pooper, you…

and I was already on the way to the store to pick up one of these.



Thats the density problem, other things like discharge voltage sag and charging its G

When i picture in my mind lead batteries on the esk8 i see this: u1