13200W AWD Low ride build!

So, here the setup…

  • surf rodz rkp 200 hangers + 95mm shoulder bolts
  • 12s7p Lg hg2
  • 2*unity
  • Hoyt puck midnight
  • GPS tracking system
  • metr
  • 60mm width 6061-t6 hub with 56t pulley
  • 7075 motor mount from liam
  • pair of APS motor, another pair from saite (it all 200kv)
  • 17T steel pulley
  • smart BMS + 0-100v/ 0-30A adjustable charger (base on Huawei power adaptor)
  • Rayne deemonseed 42 inch
  • 8 layer carbon fiber battery case and deck modified by my friend MJ.
  • M12 metal14pin balance connector from Leimo (brand name)
  • CNC foot stop
  • LIght sensor front-light and tail-light
  • adjustable steering damper
  • 6 inch from sunmate

Here is the removable extend battery

  • 4* tattu 6s10000mah 25
  • abs plastic case made by my own.

Here the battery part… I’m using copper straps to solder battery… i did three layer per group, each layer can hold 20A with no temperature increase, 30A with 10 degree.

Tip for soldering battary,pre-solder battary and copper straps. :kissing:

Here the CNC food stop… GPS and surf rodz hanger.

Originally I was ordered a set TKP with an adjustable plate… but they messed up my order, sent these things to someone else :upside_down_face: and they out of stock the color I want to…so asked them to send a set rkp instead of that.

This are the private batch CNC hub… it are kind of too wide… so i added a 7mm seal rubber to make sure it fit 6 inch.

Here the personal page of Liam (who made sexy motor mount) https://instagram.com/radiumesk8?igshid=e6t6jg6ssiv2

more pics…

dude… nice first post! welcome

all-installed :wink:

haha… thanks, mate :slight_smile:

you in victoria?

Nah, located in Brisbane

same bro!

we are defiantly going to have to organize a group ride soon…

Added a steer damper on the top…

Here my DIY super balance charger…Fucked up once 510bbceafb3149e6b280d91ad14df48|500x500

But lucky, BMS still work well

testing charging …19.5 A

My board happened lose connection… before. I thought it is remote problem…so brought a hoyt puck instead it.

However… the reason for that, is the PPM wires start came out… kindly short out.

One of unity fucked up…guess the motor wires shorted out, it keep jumping red light however no fault been reported on vesc. Bit weird is, i still can read motor configure, but can not let them move…it also killed power switch. Only can turn this faulted esc on by using can bus.

screw start loose…using steel m4 hex head instead after…

Battery case made by 4mm and 3mm abs plastic plate. It fit my Trampa build as well…will finish up after.

I drilled some hole, build in some insert thread… made those lipo universal to all of my board.


Got a part number on this?