$135 focbox liquidation sale [SOLD OUT]


I need to pay the bills! For a limited time I’m slashing prices like a mad man on these so i can pay my bills and order more shit for my shop.



dammit, now i’m gonna have to buy one :cry:

priority 2-day inside US?

yeah if you choose that method. I’m pretty sure that’s an option.

sweet. i’ll make a run to the bank in a few hours, can you reserve one for me?

Sure, i can set one aside.

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cool. would purchase now but i’m currently sitting in history class lol.


how many do u have in stock?

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at the moment 7 , but i’ve got more coming. My shop doesn’t allow orders out of stock so if it fades out you’ll know i ran out. I should have another batch coming in a couple weeks though, provided i can sell all these and pay the bill.


ok I’m about to decimate your inventory, thanks for the hookup!

oh shit alright.

ok, cleared it out for you. :wink:

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@onloop I can pay my bill now!


This is how I imagine you and @BigBoyToys


i tried to set one aside but they were to quick. By the time i got in to -1 the inventory they murdered me at the register.

Sorry bro.

When they come back in stock i’m listing them at $145. I think the world needs a lower price on focboxes.

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@GrecoMan did you or did you not get one? because i got 5, damon said he had 7, so were you one of the two?

if you didn’t get one, i can give you one out of my 5, no worries.


Nice of your @thisguyhere! Thx!

nah didn’t get one :cry: posted here within 1 min of him posting these for sale but had no $$ in my bank acc i’m on my way to the bank right now as i’m reading this

i’d appreciate that a lot :grin:

do you happen to have an extra xt90 male 3 sets of bullets (5.5mm preffered) a female xlr for charging maybe even a voltmeter I could buy off you with the focbox?

yes to all except xlr

let’s work it out in PM


getting it sorted out with @thisguyhere

thanks for trying, I know how the people here are lol

happy birthday to me!