13s bms question

Can a 13s bms be used as a 12s

Yes, @Deckoz plz explain

i thought it could, i just wasnt sure… im going to go ahead and buy a 13s then since i wont have to wait forever and a day to get it.

the guys over at vruzend have some 13s BMS in stock for 30$

I did the same thing as I couldn’t find reasonably priced 12s ones, it hasn’t arrived yet but as I understand you just wire it normally leaving the last wire not connected

now would u still use a 13s charger or a 12s?

12s, 50.4v. The bms pretty much just doesn’t realise one cell is not connected. It’s also possible to connect 2x 6s bms into a 12s but the info got mixed up between myself, deckoz and someone else, now none of us knows

lol xD how’d y’all manage that