$145 focboxes. back orders now an option

I have more focboxes delivered every month now, so there’s going to be a steady stream of them. Because of that, i’ve decided to set my regular price at $145 + shipping and allow backordering.


Current stock is at zero. I have more arriving within the next three weeks or so and will have more arriving every month after that. Pretty much at any time I can increase the number i get, so i’m going to base that entirely on you and the demand you set.

So from now on, there will be a message on my page when we don’t have them in stock letting you know that there are more coming but we don’t have any at the moment, but we will always allow ordering for this particular product.

Eventually we won’t have to do this, we’ll just have a shitload on the shelf but for now it is what it is.


lol maybe @thisguyhere will clear out your stock monthly :joy:


i know, right? lol

I remember being hungry for ESCs and they shouldn’t cost a damn fortune. I’m barely making anything on these but who cares. As long as people are building cool boards and skating then i’m happy.


not likely gents, just hording these at $135 since i doubt focboxes will ever be cheaper than that.

$145 is a good price tho, doing a service to the community by selling nearly at cost.


I got my Focboxes for $105 on @Titoxd10001’s group buy :smile:


yup, my first set were $110 through yummy’s gb too. those days, i think, are long gone though since enertion’s gotten rid of their 51+ volume discount.

that is unless we mfg them independently.

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Its all subscription now. Luckily the subscription price is actually decent and the focbox is an amazing general purpose esk8 ESC. VESC6 will likely be what we all pirate since that shit is being held in a closet and the politics are weird, making it a more interesting target.


vesc 6 schematic:


i’m no electronics expert, but would one be able to extract a BOM from this?

also, this doesn’t have pcb design.

Even if the pcb drawings aren’t available, and i think they are somewhere, wouldn’t be hard. Get one, lightbox it, write all the numbers down, pay a college kid $100 to make some gerbers and send it to macrofab. Bob’s your uncle.

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supposing to make it financially viable MOQ would be no less than a 1000 units I’m guessing

i’ll bet Macrofab will still make them far enough below Trampa’s price tag to make it profitable for you to undercut them. Not that i’ve thought about any of this or anything because that would be cough cough shady or something.

look what came in the mail today


i like to breath them in slowly and hang on to that new PCB smell as long as i can before the world comes crashing back into reality.

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back in stock!

i just got 10 more in today.

shipping the one backorder i have tonight.

$145 is a steal for these baddies i’m telling you.

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For $10 more i will replace your 3.5mm connectors with 5.5mm connectors personally with my own two loving hands before it ships. I will not be using cheap mass produced loving hands. I will use MY OWN. The ones that care for you personally.

So that’s $145 stock as they arrive or $155 for me to replace those damn tiny connectors for you and ship it that way.