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14t 5M HTD 15mm Width

I am looking for a 14T-5M-15W 8mm Bore Steel. In the U.S. for shipping prices.

I just got a 12t 15mm pulley from @torqueboards, dont know if that will work for you though

I think TB’s just has alum pulley’s in 15mm

Steel is definitely the way to go

TB’s is definitely steel, at least my 9mm 16T one is.

yeah I think his 9mm’s are steel but the 15mm are alum

interesting, nice to know :slight_smile:

the 15mm i just got is blue aluminum.

I talked with @torqueboards I got two 16t 9mm steels from him. He only has 12t 15mm left. I really need a 14t 15mm steel… Making a scooter with MBS wheels. 200mm wheel with a 66t or 72t pulley.

@Karmannghiagirl what are you running a 12t 15mm on?

It was going to be for my unknown kv rewound ntm propdrive. but since that is now fried (RIP :sob:) I am probably going to get one of @chaka’s motors once i can save up some money.

Right now my wheel pulley is 44t, but i hope to replace that with a more standard 36t with some abec wheels.

I don’t want speed as much as i want torque so smaller motor pulley is not an issue for me.

12t 44t on what wheel size?

100mm original zboard wheels

they are rubber and when my motor was working i could do burnouts with them :stuck_out_tongue:

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hoping to replace them with similar sized wheels, or figure out a way to use the aluminum hub and do some custom urethane to replace the rubber (love the look of the wheels and they fit with the mad max theme that i will be doing for my board