$15 Plug-N-Play Bluetooth Module

Wassup peeps. Just wanna know how many people would be interested in a ready2go hm-10 bluetooth module for $15+shipping. they are great for troubleshooting, saving some time, changing modes, and just being to lazy to get off and check board voltage (yes, your not the only one :wink:). Anyways, it would be a preorder type deal until I could get the funds to keep stock myself. lead time would not be long (less than 2 weeks). goal is 15 preorders to get this thing rolling. if you preorder but we do not reach the goal, 100% of your $$ will be refunded, no questions asked. http://esk8life.com/plug-n-play-vesc-bluetooth-adapters click that to preorder!


I’ll take one.

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added the preorder link! first 8 or so will be getting out sooner rather than later (sometime next week)

Hmmm should I…

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you know you want to :wink:

I just don’t want to take my case off it’s such a hassle…

you can change the basic settings with one of these things

I know but will it take the my case off for me…

yes. comes with built in robot screwdriver



I want one


Lol okay ordered

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It’s 20 not 15😢 I cant get it

its $20 w/ free shipping would’ve been more like $22 with shipping

Ohhh… Hmm do I get one and owe parents money or…

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Does it show speed, top speed, and Distance if used with metr app Greco

cant use it with metr app. it will show all that with an app called Esk8 VESC. that’s the one I use atleast

Okay thanks

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http://esk8life.com/plug-n-play-vesc-bluetooth-adapters bang :wink:

I can’t find the app on iOS

search “eSkate VESC” its $4.99 and worth every penny