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15mm belt with 12mm wheel pulley?

Thinking of buying a 36t wheel pulley from enertion so i can use nicer wheels than what i have, and get a better gearing ratio. Just wondering if it will be an issue to use a 15mm belt i have with the 12mm pulley.

Only 3mm if issue lol

Yea, i dont think it would be an issue, but would rather ask now before i go ahead and get one.

No not really…you’ll have some over hang…guess you can rotate the belt for even wear…

The motor pulley will need to be 15mm especially if it has a flange

Something tells me that depending on which direction it is rotating it will either want to fall off or hug the wheel

I wonder if you could just modify the belt with some industrial strength scissors

So i just realized i want a smaller motor pulley, not drive pulley, and i just found a 12T 15mm on DIYelectricskateboards so i just got that. So this is somewhat of a moot point now :stuck_out_tongue: But still an interesting question.


lol, dont mind me :sweat_smile:

just slice 3mm off with sharp knife, thas how my rubber store does it.

@Karmannghiagirl I think that the side of the pulley would grind away at the belt. The belt isn’t meant to hang over the side of a metal pulley; it will be in contact with the sharp edges of the pulley. I wouldn’t do this.

I have a 15mm motor pulley, i was looking at possibly using eneritons plastic wheel pulley.

@Karmannghiagirl It might work for a while; but I still think it would be better to match the belt width with the width of the pulley and hub. Even if pulley is plastic, there’s going to be 3mm of belt that is not receiving the same wear as the rest of it, which would lead to uneven aging and warping; the threads of the HTD5 belts are diagonal.