15mm Wide Pulley Kit and Truck Combo

I have less than a mm.

How much space is between the plates itself?

Oh I meant the mount arm fits on the mounting plate on the trucks, I haven’t tried mounting a motor and wheel…lol

Yeah seems 15mm pulley is out of the question unless mount arm is inboard

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Where did you got the 15 mm wheel pulley for the MBS 100 mm ?

its a regular abec 40t pulley from @Titoxd10001 though hes out now, i also have a 36t pulley on mbs from @johnny_261 …the pulley at the top of this topic, both 15mm

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Yes I saw it. But it says for Flywheels…

  • 36T Drive Wheel Pulley designed for Flywheel Style Longboard Wheels - 15T Motor Pulley with 8mm bore for motor shaft, Four Set Screws, and keyway for maximum secu…

Are they also for 100 mm MBS ?? They fit perfect or need some ajustment?

mbs have flywheel aka abec core 0 modification


Cool. :+1: