15mm Wide Pulley Kit and Truck Combo

I’m clearing out some stuff as some of you may know. I’ve sold a lot of 15mm pulley kits, so this could be a good deal for someone with some looking to make a board for cheap. For $90 USD shipped, I will send you two complete pulley kits and 2 trucks. The trucks was a project I never got around to completing. My intention was to design a set of trucks with flanges so that a simple motor mount plate could be bolted on, thus reducing the cost and the need for clamps or other motor mount solutions. Anyways, if someone wanted to try these trucks, could be a fun project. It is tight with the 15mm pulley so the motor mount plate would need to most likely be mounted on the inboard side of the flange.

I charge $40 USD for a single set of pulley kits, so you are getting good value here!


Pm sent

@johnny_261coud you pls post more detail about the trucks? (axle length, baseplate angle, etc).

I’ll take them

I don’t know if my pm was sent but it included the same questions treenutter asked

Got your PM’s

These should be the specs

Are the flanges welded on? Still for sale?

Cast into the truck. Yes still got a set. Pm me if you’re interested

Which Motor Mounts are working with These trucks? TB?

You would have to make your own motor mounts most likely

@WSB makes nice mounts with slots but doubt if they are the same axial distance in which case you could rethread new holes to match in the trucks

Also @korryh similar but again slot distance from centre is the thing

Oh and @marcmt88

@Lionkev55 too!

I’ll let you guys know how they fit with @Lionkev55 mount arms :wink:

Received my trucks and pullys today!

Thanks Johnny!


Cool - good luck!

Mine came today and they fit :grin:

Any still available?

More pics or it didn’t happen. :thinking:

I’m making a thin mount out of stainless and ittle be gtg I think.

Lol the pic is under the words… What more pics would you like? Lol