15mm Wide Pulley Kits (Wheel & Motor Pulleys, Belts, and Hardware)

I’ll have a set mate if you still have any ?

Yes got some. Sending you a PM.

I must have spent 5 days looking for something like this on the internet a couple years ago. Every part was sold separately, I must have spent a few hundred.

Still have some available if anyone is interested.

I’m interested. I live in Sweden though, would that be a problem?

It’s not a problem. It will just cost more and be slower to ship. I’ve found when I send things international it can take 2-5 weeks. Another $10-15 for shipping should cover it I think. Let me know if you’re interested.

Still got a few if anyone is interested

Hey man i’m interested, just to confirm these are good for a turnigy 190kv motor? i just want to make sure that the smaller pulley will fit on the motor shaft. I’m in ontario. hit me up with a pm :slight_smile:

As long as you have a 8mm shafts the motor pulley will work.

@johnny_261 Yea it does, how much are you selling for within canada?

$36 USD or if you want to pay in CAD $50

Hell yea man i’ll do the $50 CAD, I’ll dm you my address

Any still available mate? Shipping to the UK? :pray:

PM sent. Still some available.

Just seen your PM. Cheers man will have a think.

You got one for me? I live in 53207

Beautiful kit, makes me regret I already bought two sets from ebay… Keep up the good work!

PM sent…

Exactly what I need. Any still available? I’m at 63376. Thanks!

Yes still have some. Will send you a pm