15mm Wide Pulley Kits (Wheel & Motor Pulleys, Belts, and Hardware)

I have a few extra pulley kits for sale. I ordered some samples from China and got a few extra to spread the high costs of shipping.

The 15mm kit allows for maximum torque transfer without belt slippage.

Kit includes:

  • 36T Drive Wheel Pulley designed for Flywheel Style Longboard Wheels
  • 15T Motor Pulley with 8mm bore for motor shaft and Four Set Screws for maximum security
  • Retainer/washer for bolts
  • 255mm long belt
  • 265mm long belt
  • x6 M6 Allen Head Screws

$36 USD shipped to USA or Canada with regular post (i.e. no tracking as it’s coming from Canada and tracking is too expensive for such a small item). Send me a PM if you’re interested.


How much for shipping to Australia mate? :slight_smile:


No idea! Will find out and let you know soon.

Location? Does this require truck modifications?

I’m in Vancouver Canada, but can ship to US. Will look into International later today hopefully.

Truck modification depends on your trucks and motor mount setup. With calibers I was able to get the 15mm wide pulley on there with slight modification to the trucks. Had to remove a tiny bit of material so the motor mount could slide further towards the center of the trucks.

Shipping is going to be an extra $15USD to Australia. Similar rates probably apply to other international countries. This is without tracking and probably will take at least 2 weeks.

I’d watch out shipping those with no tracking number man. Definitely not safe for you as a seller, buyer just has to claim they didn’t receive the product and you have no proof.

Thanks for the advice, but to ship with tracking it is almost $25 USD, so it’s not really going to work for anyone. I’m just trying to pass on some extra parts at a cheap price for the community here. I’ve dealt with a lot of people on here and everyone has been trustworthy so far. I would sincerely hope we don’t have people lurking on here to looking to scam $34…

Either way the financial risk is pretty small for both parties involved, so I’ll chance it and trust in the community

Still have them?

Still got a few sending PM.

Still got a few more for anyone interested.

hey man thanks! they came a few days ago. What kinda wheels would you recommend for these pulleys?

Cool. Np. 83mm Flywheel style wheels are the standard around here

You can buy the legit abec ones, or the clones on ebay amazon for cheap. I just went with clones myself and they are working fine. I think I got a set off ebay for maybe $25?

How many sets do you have left?

Still got a few - I’ll have to double check. How many do you need?

If I decide on buying. It would be alot lol

Maybe 5 sets or more

Sent you a PM

Got a few more sets in if anyone is interested. I got some extra 15T 8mm Bore 15mm wide motor pulleys too. PM me if you want.

It’s crazy that it cost me double the price of this to make my own aluminum pulleys + Abec11 hub

Good deal, johnny!