16T - 40T skip ? Or not?

Will this 16T-40T , 107mm wheel setup be likely to Belt Skip or not ?,…wondering if it’s worth it to add Idler ?


16T/40T shouldn’t skip.

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what is that deck and enclosure?

No skip. Thats just a torquey set up. Any motor pulley above 15T should be good. Nice @idea motor mounts by the way.:grinning::+1:


While we’re on the subject, I’m installing 8inch pneumatics, will 72T - 16T skip?

Any belt will skip if you ride it hard enough, it’s always better to add an idler and loose the belt tension

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You mean tensioning the belt with the idler?

With idler it will always perform a bit better but without should also work.

And I saw you used the same lights as I do, if you use vertigo trucks you can use this to attach it to the truck nicely :slight_smile: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3866123

Actually No, the whole purpose of the idler is to mainly engage more teeth on the pulley Then you can relive some tension which also adds to longevity of the belt.

And I’d imagine if you had a really tight fit the bearings on the idler wouldn’t function effectively.

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Blank pressed deck… Custom made enclosure


That’s a beauty. :heart_eyes: Well done.

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