17 Reasons you should buy the Raptor 2

1. The Raptor 2 is Most Powerful Direct Drive Electric Skateboard. Bigger battery, more current.

  • “Inboard” they only have a 99wh battery & smaller motors || Raptor 2 wins on battery alone. Not to mention top speed etc & over triple the battery size.

  • “CARVON EMCX” Single hub motor only, 99wh battery || Raptor 2 wins on battery & has dual hub motors PLUS VESCX which can throughput much higher current.

  • “Acton Quatro” 4HUBS, 240Wh battery, only 1600Watt || Raptor 2 has Bigger battery & higher wattage with peak of 3.3KW

  • “Mellow” Only have 99wh battery, maybe 2300watts max power (not sure 100%, not much info) || Raptor 2 has bigger battery & higher wattage & higher top speed.

2. More torque delivered to the wheels as there is no belts which create a bottleneck & there is zero maintenance

3. Raptor 2 is faster than most of the mainstream “complete” brands. 28mph

90mm wheels, 36v nominal, 75kv

4. Comes with 90mm wheels standard. Made with premium urethane, MADE IN US

5. Comes with 4A fast charger standard

Most esk8 have 2A charger which takes twice as long to charge.

6. Only commercial ESK8 with CNC precision trucks

7. Innovative patent pending STATICOOL technology to allow for maximum performance

8. Completely modular architecture to allow easy repairs & upgrades

9. Powerful open source motor controller software, so if you have the skills you can tweak the performance & if not we have created some simple “defaults” that can be applied with zero knowledge

10. The core electronics are made in state of the art facility in Houston Texas to meet IPC-A-610 Class 2 quality standards


11. Compact NANO-X hand-piece, uses standard PPM interface allowing easy swap outs with other options

12. The NANO-X hand-piece has a beginner mode, easily activate with one switch - Great for kids

13. The entire battery compartment can be removed and be installed onto different decks - Enertion will release a range of different deck shapes in 2017

14. The battery is removable & upgradeable and we will publish the schematics so you can build your own.


15. All of the electronics inside are modular and quick to replace

16. The deck has oversized grab handles so you can easily jump off & grab the board without fumbling

17. The raptor deck has a kick tail that helps pop over cracks & do “on-the-spot” pivot turns



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the wheels look like they would be a hard durometer, would it be possible to change them out for a set of orangotang kegels?

they are made in the Orangutang Kegal factory, same urethane & same core

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This looks really slick… Congrats.