$1700 Kaly Board XL Carver and Custom Bamboo GT w/ LHB battery

I’m officially quitting eSkate since I have ridden much lately.

I have a Kaly XL carver that has a 600+ WH battery using Sanyo batteries. It’s the best board he’s built but doesn’t have direct drive. It’s belt driven. No cosmetic wear and about 200 miles total if that. About 6 months old $2300 or best offer

Evolve bamboo gt with a LHB battery. Yellow MBS wheels and like new condition. Has both the original and R2 remote. Will also include street conversion kit with orhinal 83mm wheels and 97aabec flywheels the $120 ones

Selling this for $1800image image image image image image image image


@Kellag check it out bro

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@Sender dude


We’re on this 24/7 I guess :joy::joy:




No, yoouh bro??? What’s wrong @Skunk ???

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Gracias, but I already ordered a MTB Deck! Mmmm gonna be so rad


The Kaly board doesn’t have a single scratch on it. Comes with the big ass 8amp charger as well.

Must pay shipping AS WELL

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Highly interested in the kaly board and I’m local, can you pm me your email or something so I can ask a few questions?

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You lucky bastard.

I’d buy it if it were local. I’d be in even more debt but just think of the credit. Such a nice build.

Haha the street cred will balance out the debt.

Interested in the Kaly. Where are you located?

Hey Matt can you ship it to australia mate? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Where are you located?

Orlando, sorry I’ve been busy. Everything is for sale still

Orlando FL mate

I will if you pay for it

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nooo. ur at least keeping one!

Totally getting out of the sport. Got into dirtbiking and atv’ing

It was a hell of a ride and time though. Will always have a soft spot for the esk8 community

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