180mm Heatshrink [US plz)

yea… don’t really wanna wait till february for it to arrive. if anyone has some to sell me offer it up here.

I’ve got a whole bunch of sizes. I’ll check when I get home to see if I have that size or not.

sick. it’s actually to rewrap one of your 10s3p 25r packs from last year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

edit: I actually forgot there was 180mm on @longhairedboy’s site. got it figured out now :slight_smile:

@moderators, you know the drill.

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Yep. Time to post the product links.


and start the mom jokes.

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heh, ordered from you yesterday :wink:

the name is Leo


it ships today!

also, your mom.

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I also ordered your mom

should I be expecting an envelope or a crate?

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i ordered your face in multiple envelopes.

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that shipped yesterday :slight_smile:

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That’s some large heatshrink. I use 100mm heatshrink for 18650’s and it fits nicely.

it’s to shrink my whole pack :wink:

ahhhh… makes sense now. carry on… lol

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180 fits both flat packed spacer-less 4P, spacer packed 4P, and triangle packed spacer-less 5P. Its a versatile size.

edit: that’s complete packs, and would also include similar stacking of any length, not just 4 or 5P.

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Also great for the eBay packs