18650 Batteries

I want to build my own battery packs for my two eboards. Are there any step by step directions on how to build your own battery packs? If so please share. Thank you in advance.

Can these packs be used? Thinking of buying a few of these.

We have a couple of threads around here like this one:

It´s important that you choose some usable cells for your project. I wouldn´t recommend to use a prebuild ebike battery.

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Gonna take them apart and build my own.

Make sure their max current output (when assembled in the configuration of your pack) is double what you will need (you don’t want your cells to be pushed to the limit otherwise they get hot and fire …). Make sure also that the cells have a decent capacity - a great deal on rubbish cells is not a great deal any more!

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I would weight a cost assessment if a pack of 20 cells with a BMS is cheaper versus buying individual cells in bulk.

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@Tampaesk8er Using voltage we know it is a 10S pack so … 20/10 = 2P pack so 4.4Ah=2*‘capacity of 1 cell’ --> 1 cell has a capacity of 2.2Ah. Knowing that these cells are LG cells with 2.2Ah of capacity you should be able to find the datasheet and see if their max output would fit eboarding use.

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I found this online today, can it be used on my eboard builsd?

2 in parallel would just do, but to lengthen cell life, you would need 3 or 4 in parallel!

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What would be the approximate range using 1 of these packs, (maytech vesc, 6374/149kv motor, 16Tx36T pulleys & I weigh 189lbs.)

Normal power usage on single drive electric skateboards is 10Wh/km so you would have a ridiculous range on 2/3/4 in parallel.

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why that many in parallel? Just 2 would do… battery pack actually looks pretty okay, especially for that price I think…

Heck, he could get 720W out of 20A at 36v already…

not ideal for hills but enough for flats for sure.

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Was gonna make my own battery pack with 18650’s but buying these would save me some time and $$. Also, I live in Tampa, Fl. no hills here, all is flat. (Would one of these packs be ok?)

@trampa Battery leads (Cables) look a bit small… but you might as well be able to use.

2 would be better… you would typicall use probably 5-15Amps from the battery… which is almost half of its rating, to preserve battery, for normal use about 1/3 of max pack discharge is recommended.

If you just want it for testing, it will be okay!

For acceleration u and single drive I dont suspect you gonna need more than 1kw (1000w) unless you are a speed devil… what is the max speed you will want to cruise around at?

Im not a speed devil, cruising max speed about 15mph, all flat surfaces, no hills.

25A (max) / 12.5 per cell = X 36v = 900W

Cruising 200-450W = Avg 325W = 9Amps per pack.

4.5Amps per cell.

15amps maximum.

3A would be more favourable but, if you go like 10mph I think u might get even 3A per cell load.

Range estimate 36v x 4.6ah (safety factor) = 165wh… 10miles at least should be doable (16km or so at least)

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Question to those following thread: These say 30A not 30C. On an eboard, won’t that draw too much and heat up?

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Check @Ackmaniac data. He pulls about 250w at times… got to go and check what consumtion he gets at 50kph of speed…

Cell might get hot at 10-15A load which would be close… but he is going to pull about 5A per cell which is within reasonable limit I think.

Plus, supplier of battery also offers BMS’s and other products so I think they should be somewhat okay and shouldnt cheat with battery rating.

How I know? I tried 400w battery powered escooter… it works, just isnt as ‘quirky’ / spurry as my 1.3kw battery board.

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Before you buy @Tampaesk8er u might ask the supplier can it really output 20-25A which you might need for acceleration at times…

I dont like they say ‘for small eletronic devices’’ even if 30A is quite a lot.

U should confirm that it can output said amount.

also - tell / ask how much for soldering proper connectors, maybe they can do it for you cheaply, so less hassle on your side :wink:

For the feel of the whole thing it should be good I think… U wont be able to use all the power the motor can offer (which size u gonna get?) but for flats and reasonable acceleration this should be enough.

Think about ebikes - they have 10-15A discharge batteries and a lot of times only 250 - 750w of power, 250w for europe, us folks more lucky - 750W I think… ok they can pedal too… but they use only about 500W to get till 15mph or such.

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im currently using sk3 6374 on both my boards, 2x3s Zippy flightmax 5000mah 20c-30c batteries. I want something different cause one of the batteries is getting puffy, even though all three cells have the same readings in volts.