18650 battery weight

So after owning a Boosted and Carbon GT board, I’ve decided I want to have a go at making my own, just because I’d like the challenge and I want to get it right. I got my batteries from Fast tech, as I’m from Australia and seen from various users that it’s a pretty good site.

I think it’s common knowledge to people with experience, that 18650 batteries weight anywhere from 43-45 maybe 46 grams?. I’ve seen mostly everywhere they should be 45 grams at most and shouldn’t go below 43 grams. I’ve received mine recently, and they came kinda slow but it’s here now. I weight each individual cell, and all of them except 5 cells weight exactly 45g. The other 5 were a toss up from 44 to 46, one of them jumping back and forth between 46 and 45. None of them are much much heavier only exceeding 45g by 1g at most, and some being 1 gram less at 44.

I’ve come to the conclusion these are legit. But I wanted to ask first, does the couple grams difference mean much? I know this might seem a bit over stressing it but I spent a lot of money and I don’t want trouble. Plus they offer a return service.

Best way to check is to look up the datasheet for the model of battery you have. What cells are they?

Where might I find these sheets? I’ll try google. I have the 25R samsung ones, but thinking of switching to LG.

Yeah the Max is 45g but 43 is typical weight. I’ll try get things sorted.

Yea they sound fine. You can check by doing a discharge test and seeing if they match the chart on the datasheet. I’m using 25r’s as well for my 10s4p

Here’s an article on fake INRs:

I read up on this before purchasing mine too. Interesting that a lot of fakes are often 30 grams, or way below the 43g minimum, but in this case @shunpo 's cells are above the maximum. Not sure if it’s a bad thing though.

https://eu.nkon.nl/sk/k/30q.pdf <---- 30Q datasheet