18650 cells shipped to Perth Australia

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I am just trying to plan my battery situation around my E mountainboard in Perth Australia and I can’t find any supplier of affordable Samsung 25r or equivalent 18650 batterys. From USA they seem to be around $7AU/cell including shipping but no one seems to ship them here and if they do the shipping is super expensive due to new air freight rules. It doesn’t seem that the power tool market is having these shipping problems which was my next idea to get cells but they work out quite expensive as I want to make a 12s6P (72cells) or 12S7P (84 cells) battery.

So my question is… does anyone know the most cost effective solution to getting these cells to my door whether it be in single cell form, power tool batterys, laptop batterys etc. I have approached some of the local shops here who want about $10/cell and wont give any discount at all for bulk buy but this is no better than buying say a hitachi 5ah 18v battery for $99 each on sale containing 10 cells which ends up being a lot of dollars for the pack in total.

I was going to go for Lipo for simplicity although I don’t like the fire hazard possibilities, but it seems it’s difficult to get these anyway so I would prefer 18650 cells with BMS (from Supower?)

Also on another note, How many amps constant discharge would you guys recommend I need with running twin turnigy SK3 6374 168KV motors on torqueboards 12s ESCs’? Gearing is to aim for an actual top speed of about 40KPH (25MPH) with 15-68 ratio and 195mm street tyres at 60PSI and I weigh roughly 80Kg (182lbs)? The motors state max draw as 70amps and there are 2 so combined 140amps… so am I right by allowing 7P as a constant (25r cells so 7x20a Constant=140) or would 6P or less be fine. As far as I know the torqueboards ESC only limits voltage and not current as I am not using VESC but I am unsure of this.

I have started a build thread and will post up some more as my stuff arrives and starts to go together.

Thanks in advance for any help.


@Airmacx How did you go with FastTech? 3p to 4p so you get 60-80 amp continuous is good with lithium ion.

I’ve ordered cells from Aliexpress in the past … Free shipping! The chances of getting fake cells is also good! :joy:

I have a bunch of different cells that work, but I am concerned enough about them that I won’t charge them unattended. I know this doesn’t answer your question directly, but it might be another alternative to explore. I’m in Brisbane, for what it’s worth.

Great actually, I got all 40, really fast shipping. Was from somewhere in the US, forgot but it got to my address in 5 days surprisingly. Unfortunately I don’t know if they’re fake, or if any are bad cells, since I don’t have the tools to do so/don’t know how, just been sitting around for a while. Kinda wishing I didn’t blow my money on buying them individually, and just shoulda bought a pack from @barajabali , which he apparently does.

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Ok thanks for the suggestions i will investigate further but yes i am a bit worried about fakes using alibaba. Also as far as @barajabali goes i dont think he ships international to australia? Would be good if he did Thanks Shane

This is the quote I got from battery bro. It was the best price I could find from a trusted source:

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Oh that’s a shame. I think it has to do with how there are some regulations about shipping batteries or something, could be something else though.

Yeah i did ask battery bro for a quote a couple of weeks back but they didnt get back to me. I may be able to get some from within aus and i am just chasing it up but will try battery bro again if no luck. How long ago was that quote done up @brabbit ?

This was about 3 weeks ago. Yeah they seem really busy and most of my emails were ignored. I just messaged them on the online chat feature on their website one day to which they replied and sent me a quote to my email. Try that.

I found SamD from Ballarat E Bikes could build and ship a battery to me for about $1 more per cell than I could buy.

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Nice find! Thanks for coming back an updating the post; I’m bookmarking Ballarat e-bikes for future reference.