18650 inside Mini Remote

Hi guys,

First of all, as always, if this has already been discussed, I would love you to let me know :wink:

I’ve just noticed that by removing the AA battery holder in the Nano Remote (which is a simple modification if you have a dremel or similat tool) there is plenty of space to fit a 18650 battery a micro usb charge circuit and a simple voltage divider (if needed, since the voltage difference will only be of ~1V (4,2 - (1,5*2)) at peak charge).

Has anyone done this before or is there any reason why its not possible?

I know that some people are doing more complex mods which involve 3D printing a smaller case and adding some components, but since this is a simple mod which makes the controller more practical I would love to try it if its possible.

Thanks in advance


@b264 has soom good experience with this topic

I’d be interested to see how this goes, I’ve been wanting to do a similar if not the same mod

Thanks, I will contact him

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I’ve also tought about that and connected a charged 18650 cell to the remote 4,15V and left the controller ‘ON’ for a day to see if it still works and yep it was still working fine :slight_smile: I would like to do this but the AA batteries seems to last forever so I don’t mind.

If you are concerned about the high voltage there are regulators as small as this thing

Mini 2 in 1 1.8V-5V to 3.3V DC Step Down Step Up Converter Power For Arduino Wifi Bluetooth ESP8266 HC-05 CE1101 LED Module https://banggood.app.link/unR9i8YuYJ

And as cheap as 1.50€ shipped that output 3.3v 100mAh with any input between 1.8 and 5v

Non app link

Yeah I did that. Except an 18650 will NOT fit. I used an 18450. A 14650 will also work.

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Don’t mean to nitpick but that is not a Nano Remote. It is a Mini RC Remote.


Why is it more practical? My mini remote lasts like 6 months without changing batteries. A few times I forgot to turn it off, and it stayed like this for several days and still works as new. I think it is already more practical than any other remote.

I just got it, put some batterys in it I had laying arround, and after forgetting to turn it off for 4/5 hours it was low battery. But I didn’t considered the possibily that those battery where low since I didn’t checked their voltage.

I will use it until I runs completely out of battery with the brand new ones I’ve put in and if it lasts more than a week, I will probably dont do that mod

Thanks for everything guys

Mini remote should last several months without changing batteries.

thread bump has anyone tried this with a Nano-X? I have one that’s starting to die after half a week of use rather than how long it used to last (weeks). And I have some Samsung 18650 25r’s laying around. I assume you’d need to do some kind of 3d printed case to fit the 18650 but figured I’d bring it up.