18650 or 20700 parallel board

I’ve seen people using the parallel boards to create 4p or 5p. Some of them have MCRN on them and other people have they’re logos on them. My question is where can someone buy those? Also can they be used for 20700 batteries as well or are they only for 18650’s?

You mean this

Not exactly, the item I’m trying to describe looks like the end wrap around the ends of the battery. I’m thinking of building my own battery and can do it without this thing but it would make things easier. I may still have my battery built if I can find one in my budget range prebuilt.

you can´t find any pictures anymore?

maybe this

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen @akhlut Matt’s pcb battery boards. Take a look at his posts. The “wraps” are nickel strips they are spot welded from battery and bent up to the board and welded there.

you have them made by a pcb fab house. i can whip up a version for 20700, just need a p-count.

we still don´t know what exactly he mean :sweat_smile:

I thought about to get my pcb bars made too. Just still don´t understand how much current they can handle. And how the thickness of the layers is defined if to sent the files to a company.

you can do 1 or 2 oz copper, depending on p-group size. the larger the p-group the heavier and larger the copper pour.

whats the 20700 average discharge? 30q is 15A

Around 25-35amps

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but thats limited by the vesc to 60a typicly, so the larger the p-group the lower the average discharge per cell. so the 20700s will run cooler than 30q’s.

the trace width might bump up a bit to handle the higher burst current, but i wouldnt go to any extremes. 2oz copper pour with 20mm traces should be fine.

what size p-group?

Yep @akhlut that is what I was looking for. I’m thinking either of making a 20700 12s4p or 12s5p depending on my battery enclosure. I’ll be building a Trampa HolyPro 35° mountainboard I know it can fit a 18650 12s4p but I’m not sure if it can handle a 12s5p nor am I sure the 20700 battery can fit in the enclosure. Do you sell the boards or do i just grab the seed from you and have them manufactured myself?

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It’s the same like in the first post by the way :wink:

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20700 12s4p or 12s5p depending on my battery enclosure capability.

OH yeah I guess it is. LOL

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So what battery pack did you made ? :slight_smile:

I had Kaly.NYC build me a 12s4p 20700b battery. The range is really nice.