18650 PCB designs

While waiting for the rest of my parts to arrive from around the world I got to work learning how to design simple PCB boards with EasyEDA and designed this battery holder.

Size is 65mm x 68mm and fits 4P.

Only thing I am not sure on and haven’t managed to find anything about is the best way to finish the positive and negative pads at the top and bottom to handle the most amount of amps.

In the current design I’ve created a copper pour and removed the solder mask, but I would like to know if that is the best way to do it?

If anyone is interested in playing around with this and changing it to fit there own build the file can be found here.
It would be nice if we can get a collection of different designed and share them all with the community so everyone could find something that fits there build or easily modify a design to make it work.

For manufacturing I’m using jlcpcb. 10 boards with 2oz copper and DHL express delivery for $22USD


@Kug3lis have done this

I know people have done this but I want a design that fits exactly what I want for my build. The ones designed by Kug3lis are not what I want otherwise I would have purchased them.

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and @Martinsp

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Yea and the first reply to that is asking for 3p or 5p. This is a simple design that is open to anyone to download and improve or change to whatever they want for there own build.

@blasto was the first one to draw those kind of pcb :wink:

And this design as kindly been giving to the community


and @kaly .nyc also has a similar design

It actually is a 3P and 4P, I designed it so that it can be cut to smaller width (no balance traces in the place that gets cut off) so that you can use 3P. I have also tried 5P and while it is doable you lose some of the strength but it still is strong.

(second source) http://www.filedropper.com/18650pcb

If anyone wants to check it out you can do so here. If you decide to buy some dont forget to use coupon code “IComeFromTheForum” for 20% off.


Yeah… @Blasto was the one giving it to @Kaly :wink:


Yes Blasto should get the credit for getting the ball rolling. Followed by improvements of others.

hi, the links are all dead

This one still works https://easyeda.com/editor#id=e5493b5cfe4548dda1ec3518043f8446 Not sure so if it’s what you looking for.

I can’t work with the link I sent you as i‘m only on mobile device, but for me it looked like the design you can change by your own to 3p too. In the first post is also a link to where you can get them made

sorry i just took a screenshot

Make your own. It’s really not difficult. I have already provided a direct link to the design that you can modify to fit your own build in the OP.

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Hi, here is a more permanent link to my drive this time:

It does fit 3P, you will need to cut off a piece of the PCB so that the PCB is not wider than the 3 cells. Of course if you dont mind the PCB being wider, it can be used as is.

BR Martin


Does anywhere sell cells connected to the pcb and that’s it?

People typically will solder multistrand between these right?

how does the nickel connect to the copper trace on the board?

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