18650 Price/Performance Comparison Charts

Did some data collecting and put together some charts comparing price-performance ratios of popular 18650 cells using prices from nkon.nl

Features charts for Capacity/Cost, Wh/Cost, Capacity vs. Current, Weight/Wh, etc


Good thing, i once asked they should include some sorter / filter, they kind of said they “dont have time” to implement such feature :confused:

Great data - two sources where you can find the “real” discharge for each cell and perhaps some more information:



Excellent break down… will see if I can incorporate your data and maybe some of these charts into the builder tool I’m working on here.

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Waffle, I’m working on a tool to scrape nkon and add filters etc. to the listings to sort easier… Clicking / adding to cart just triggers the original genuine website’s pages…


oh nice yeah I’ll probably end up just linking to things like this post or your tool in some cases too since I don’t need this thing to do everything under the sun but would like it to be able to let you pick parts and give you some totals on price and performance so I’ll have to still incorporate some of this… thanks for the heads up though! let me know how it progresses

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Will do mate.

Very nice collection of data on 18650 cells

additionally general specs and datasheets can you found here

alright, I used the current/temperature data from those sites… still a few missing, though

Hello I wonder why is the Samsung 25R only ratef at 10A continuous on the tested column, it’s has been tested at 20A on the Mooch test without mayor raise in temperature, the samething goes for the 30Q but the chart shows empty on continuous current

I will maybe add these values later… but remember the mooch test is for a single cell scenario (eg. for vaping). At 20A the cell gets to 76 deg. C, thats pretty hot. If you build a pack with them and intent to use it at that level, the cells in the middle will receive additional heat from the cells around them… in the worst case scenario that might lead to thermal runaway of the entire pack.