18650 Spot-welder EU

I’m thinking of getting into building my battery-pack myself… Therefor i’d like to know if someone in the EU knows where i could buy a decent 18650 spot-welder. May be used, as long as it works ! :slight_smile:

Kind regards

A forum member ftom Spain is welding packs for us here. Damn, what was his forum name now again…?

Ah frick. Read your post too fast. My bad. Nvm my stupidity

He´s selling kits aswell.

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Otherwise if you´re not sure. I´m also able to build a batterypack for you :slight_smile:

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Thing is, I already bought a pack in a group-buy some time ago. The welds aren’t much to speak of so I’d have to reweld it anyways. But, what i’m meaning to say… I already have my cells…

I was thinking of buying http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/2-In-1-18650-788H-60A-Spot-Welding-Spot-welder-Soldering-for-Battery-Charger-UK-/282466964199?hash=item41c457d2e7:g:axQAAOSwB-1Y60sI

but yeah,… 110€ just to rebuild MY pack ? :confused:

then better get one of the arduino kits and repair your kit. It´s the best and cheapest option as far as i know

I bought the Sunko 709A (the one with a welding pen) on ebay from Germany. Works like a champ but you have to have a 16A fuse at home or it won’t work with the pen. The normal probes on the box works with 10A fuse. (I have tested this myself) I think I paid 2000sek which is like 210€ but I am planning on builsing multiple packs.

Hi TarzanHBK i am looking at getting a battery built for my board…I have a ‘The Carver 500 Pro’ Electric Skateboard by EPIC on the goldcoast in Australia…Would you be able to do this? Any help appreciated :slight_smile:

Just make one, like mine :smiley:

You´ve got mail :wink:

Using a Sunko 709 aswell… upgraded breaker to 25A… works nice… 2 x 10s5p packs … no probs

You are frome BE? :blush: I’am also from Belgium, and have ordered yesterday a spotwelder. Als je wilt kan je hem lenen :wink:

Hartelijk bedankt, maar het is al gelukt hoor :wink: Heb me toch zo’n sunko aangeschaft :slightly_smiling_face: