18650 Sunko 787A+ spot welder - EU

Hi there

I’m selling my almost new Sunko 787A+ spot welder after finishing my build. Only used once to build my 10s4p battery, and that’s it…so it’s practically new, comes with all original accessories and spare parts

Selling for €100 + transport fees

If you want a demo of it working, we can arrange a video meeting where I show you the welder.

Pic - https://imgur.com/a/xixev


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How many amps is that welder? I’m trying to do copper…

From the manual:

Soldering Current: 50A~800A (Related Pulse Range 1ms~19ms)

Just out of curiosity, why do you complicate your life trying to weld copper? Just use nickel strips, they’re great for our DIY needs

Copper is a 4 times less resistant than nickel also nickel is not something you can find locally

I can include 2m nickel strip of 5mm*0.15mm for an extra €9 - tested 100% pure nickel, not the chinese nickel covered steel

The little bit you see there has spent all winter on my balcony, and as you can see there’s no rust or any corrosion on it

Just cause I am using cells with twice the discharge current of lithion ion and I’m using smaller 6s and 8s packs. I will probably just solder and get a better connection. I just didn’t know if you have tried copper or not and thought it was worth an ask.

5mm would be useless that’s def not 5mm wide

Welding copper u say young padawan? Prepare to drop 1k-5k for a decent one

Can you show me these cells please?

I’m quite interested, better if its 100 inc shipping. I don’t know how much to ship to NL.

100 inc shipping is impossible, as shipping such a heavy thing can get quite expensive, like around €30