190kv grub screw rounded off question

imageimageHi I have a kaly , 190kv 6374 , I have managed to round off the grub screws (the two at the back of the motor) does anyone know what size and maybe a link to where I can buy some , my shaft had been slipping so I tightened them up a bit too much , shaft has since slipped again and I cannot loosen or tighten them anymore ( if anyone knows how I can now remove them that would also be very helpful )

You might have to place some locktite on your Allen key and let it cure and then try to remove the grub screw. This would be a last resort but should get the job done

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As far as I know, you can’t just tighten grub screws on the can. They usually have red loctite in the threads and around the shaft.

You’d have had to heat it up and taken off all the loctite, then reapplied and tightened the grub screws then.

But then again, I always replace the grub screws if I ever have to tighten it or adjust something. It’s just too risky of a part to brick and spend hours trying to fix, and the few cents it costs to replace them is worth my confidence in them.

If you can put it in the freezer for couple hours it helps a lot! Edit: also you can always use torx, it grips a lot more than the Allen key, weird!

Thanks guys I will try the loctite and freezer option , kaly just got back to me (I posted on here just in case aswell as he is a busy man ) he says m4 x 6mm so will order some up now , board is surprisingly still ridable but range is affected and also makes a horrible sound , currently raining so won’t be out riding any time soon here anyways

I eventually got the grub screw out about 2 months later , loctite in Allen key and freezer didn’t work for me , I used a plumbers torch ( melted my hall sensors but they were never connected anyway)

BBQ Tom suits you, indeed!

I previously had to use a drill and drilled the entire grub screw for a stuck motor pulley. Of course this also ruined the pulley in the process but at least i was able to recover it. Another last resort option for ya.

than he need to cut a new threat into the can. that´s possible, but supotimal :sweat_smile: