1KG spool 10x0.20mm pure nickel strip SOLD

I bought this from alibaba, but it’s just a little too thick for my sunkko welder to make good welds. I cut off a small piece and put it in some salt water, ill post another pic tomorrow morning after its sat all night.

Selling the whole thing for $70-75 depending on where you are in the USA. I’ll be shipping it out of California.

dammit I’d like 1/3 ->1/2 of it but based in EU (Ireland) willing and able?

After sitting overnight, all is good.

@banjaxxed I would like to sell the whole thing at once if at all possible. @willpark16 sent me a PM and seems like he is willing to buy the whole roll. I’ll keep this post updated.

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Whole roll is still for sale.

@longhairedboy this looks like the same stuff I got @Fiori can you share the supplier

@scepterr Yea i bought it here:

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If @longhairedboy or @willpark16 don’t get it, I probably will

Sounds good. Willpark16 can’t get it for another week he says. I’d like to get it out asap so I can buy some other parts. Let me know I can ship it out tomorrow morning. Less than $75 shipped to anywhere in USA.

Still in the saltwater, no rust. It’s legit.

I PMed you. I’ll take your nickel.


I’m sorted too, thanks @atenner

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Reply sent!

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SOLD. Shipped out to @longhairedboy this morning

Sunkko 788H does the .2mm just fine, btw.

That’s good to hear. Is that with the box mounted probes?

The 709A must just be weaker :confused: Which sucks because when I was buying it i totally thought it would be stronger than the 788. The 788 was cheaper too