1st board, ~$300 budget single belt set-up

Hello all, First, thanks for taking the time to read this post, I’m new to all of this, wanted an E-Board for about a year now, and am excited to try my hand at building one ( sorry btw if this post needs to be elsewhere )

I did some searching thru the forum, I’ve watched some videos, I’ve gotten a good idea of how everything goes

So I’ll start off with saying I know $300 isn’t a good budget to start up with and ide be better off saving more, honestly we don’t make a tonne and it’s all the wife will let me get away with

I know some parts for the budget won’t be great, I’ll have to upgrade/replace down the line I’m fine with that, I just wanna get out and have a bit of fun

I bought the typical Chinese starter board, single hub motor, gets hotter than the sun after 30sec of use (thinking of sending it back to fund this build), it was like $260, it works, however I’m a big boy (~260lbs) and I feel like I need more torque, a tad bit more speed wouldn’t be terrible but not necessary

My requirements aren’t too crazy:

I already have a cruiser board, it’s nothing fancy, 70mm wheels, I’ve upgraded the bearings it’s pretty basic

i think ide prefer a single belt motor set up

Im looking for a 5mi range to cruise to work on nice days, 10 would be awesome so I don’t have to charge at work (but that’s a luxury)

It doesn’t need to go fast, like 10-15mph would be fine, just want to cruise

I’ll be riding on smooth paved bike path mostly, slightly bumpy streets to get to the path, nothing too crazy

Not asking for you guys to figure the whole build out for me ( tho I wouldn’t stop you ) I’m mostly looking for guidelines, like is there a specific size motor I should be looking for since I’m a bigger guy, maybe you conveniently know a guy that sells a decent motor mount, ect

Any help is greatly appreciated, I know it’s not gonna be top of the line, but if it can scoot a fat boi around for a little while ide be happy with it.

it’s been a rough couple of months, I’m just looking for a fun distraction from everything, figured building a board, getting that sense if accomplishment and getting to cruise around would be a good one

Thanks again!

items no longer available

You want at least a 6374 motor or you will run it hot and struggle with braking.

I can get you…

  • TB 4.12 ESC
  • TB Nano remote
  • Enertion trucks
  • BKB motor mount
  • 10s1p 40T battery
  • 60W charger
  • belt
  • ABS enclosure

For say $200 and shipping if you’re in the US, all you need is wheels, motor, pulleys, and a deck


Is this still available? I am located in Canada by the way.

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Yes it is available, I have sent you a PM

Thank you.

Can you please send me the full parts list