1st Board | Peg Board | caliber clone trucks | single SK3-6374 168kv | mount | 10S | and a lunch box

Absolutely loved finally getting a ride. It’s defo a noob board by some of your standards :slight_smile: I’ve clearly saved money in areas. Ordered 2x 5000mah batteries instead of 2x 8000mah by mistake. Note my wood screws into the wheel :slight_smile: not permenant I promise, need wheels. And I did steal one of my daughters lunch boxes.


Good build mate, I for one approve of your board. Bigger batteries only equal more happiness :grin:

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I believe you have your motor-mount the wrong way round. The motor is supposed to sit in the recess in the aluminium.


@Hardwiring thank you for your help :slight_smile: and yeah I do need more happiness :wink:

And yeah I know, got the motor mount for the wrong side :frowning: I should change the name to my 1st (make it work) board :slight_smile:

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I believe btw that woodscrews are the oldest method of drive mounting that we have so far found, mentioned in the old testament and everything. So considered ‘retro’


Nice build! Love the clean look of the trucks with motor mount on it! Where did you get the trucks, motormount an pulleys or was it a kind of kit with everything included?

Er . . . Yeah retro . . . That’s what I was going for :wink:


Hi, yeah I got the trucks, mount and wheel/motor pulley from @ajaynagra

They were the parts I was struggling to get hold of. So yeah this site hooked me up :slight_smile:

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Coming on brother… when I return from Glastonbury we need to organise another build day… ta for the 90’s btw www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/uk-eu-90mm-83mm-wheels-for-sale-reduced/22957