1st "Budget" Build

Probably I would make a lottle bit stiffier to ensure durability of the key.

I’m almost done with it. Last but not least I have to screw down the boxes and then put back on the motor mount with some Loctite. Build quality is decent, I think. 20190404_202319

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Well done, bet you can’t wait to take it out.

I bought myself some orange 80a Kegel’s after I saw yours, and love em

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Yeah really, as said before, I had a testride and drove along a rough street and lost some screws from the motor mount and then the set screws from the motor pulley came loose and then I had to drag it all the way under my arm back home.(without locktite)Can’t wait! :sunglasses:

My Build is done. 20190405_234620 It is ready to be taken outside!:heart_eyes:

Well, I had a throwback today. I have no keyway on the motorshaft (that means no rabbet milled in)and as I was driving uphill, the motor pulley snapped then on the shaft, because of too much load. I rasped down a flat surface on the shaft for screwing down the set screws and learned the lesson.:sweat:

20190523_064825 A little update. Changed it to an sensored motor from APS with 270kv and upgraded the battery to 10 Ah. My range is about 25 km one charge. I have screwed down my main switch and added a metr pro. I’m happy with my build right now. :grin: