1st Build, ATB, Parts, Sources, Pricing, Calcs, etc

Hello eSk8 peeps :slight_smile:

1st post. Been lurking for a few days learning. Thanks for all the great info.

I have compiled the data for my 1st build. Figured it would be wise to run it past the community to see if there are any glaring mistakes I made.

Let me know what you think…

Gonna build the battery pack and box

Power system is over rated for the estimated amperage even at full throttle. But my choices were a mix of commonly used components (figure they must be quality) and price point.

Full BOM (w/ Pricing & Sources):

xls spreadsheet link

BOM Overview:


trucks: Trampa infinity truck 12mm

wheels: Trampa 8 Inch HYPA Wheel w/ hub, tire, tube, bearing

foot straps: MBS F5 Bindings

esc: Flipsky Dual FSESC6.6 200a

controller: Trampa vesc remote and rx

pulley kit: Trampa pro mtb pulley kit 66 tooth

motors: Flipsky Motor H6368 140KV

motor bracket: TRAMPA motor bracket

battery: 18650 SAMSUNG 30Q

bms: 12s 120a bms

switch: V2.0 Antispark Switch Pro 280A

cf sheet: 200×300×2mm carbon fiber sheet

standoffs: 10PCS M3 Aluminum Standoff 65mm

box brackets: alum right angle 20x20x16mm

wire: Silicone 10 AWG 10 feet

cable braid: Black 6mm 5ft

Hardware total: $1778USD

Shipping total: $69USD


everything looks good, except few things I would like to mention:

I’d rather go with charge only bms from some reliable source, like Bestech (few of us had problems with them lately, but they are still considered reliable) or Daly red bms from aliexpress. I wouldn’t trust some random high current ebay bms with discharge.

Flipsky motors had some quality control problems before, loose magnets and such. I would pay a little bit more money for some 100% reliable motors.

for on/off, I would go with xt90s loop key. @Deckoz had awesome solution with AS150 connector, it looks slick and its bulletproof (xt90s is too). It seems he deleted his post so maybe ask him in private?

don’t forget to order female bullet connectors for vesc-motors connection

nice, thank you.

do you have a suggestion on the motors? trampa motors seem quite over priced, as nice as they may be. any other options?

I’ll ping @Deckoz regarding his loopkey setup.

I appreciate the help

edit: I see the principle idea now for the loop key. this looks very fault proof. good call.


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where are you located?


try those:



I am sure there are many more USA vendors, here are few that were first on my mind. you could also try searching both forums, you can catch great deals!

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this is great, thank you.

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