1st build, check me

Hey guys, I just got to 500 miles on my Meepo V2 29mph (womp womp womp) I’ve been trolling these forums for a while now and finally decided I want to be a big boy and upgrade to a real board! I am a straight up noob though, so I wanted to run through my build 1st to make sure everything is cohesive and will play nice. Also looking for criticism and advice.

Goals: I want to achieve at least 35mph preferably over 40 mph so that it is significantly faster than the Meepo I have some decent hills in my area so would like to conquer them easily at a decent speed I want to be as budget as possible atm, and can upgrade to better parts later

Motors: Dual 6374 200kv from a guy on this forum @dickho https://www.ebay.com/i/303074535503?chn=ps&var=602007163507 (might use 1 at 1st if i opt for single vesc for budget reasons)

ESC: Dual Flipsky VESC4.20 100A (will upgrade to the 6.6 later, considering getting the single for now if i opt for single motor setup and can bussing when I add the 2nd)

Battery: For now I will be using my stock Meepo V2 battery which is a 10s2p made from samsung 20R cells will upgrade later for better range and potentially more power

Trucks and drivetrain: The torqueboard mechanical set for 12mm and 97mm wheels (help me this is expensive, what should I get instead?) https:///collections/featured-items/products/dual-motor-mechanical-kit

Deck: Meepo deck, will upgrade later

Am i missing anything? looking for input

how about dicky at setup with custom battery?


If I understand you correctly, Dicky is a member of this forum from a company called setup who makes custom batteries and I should go through him for my battery? To start I am completely ok with only getting a 10 mile range, and will upgrade later. Unless of course there is something wrong with my current battery setup. I am only going using the Meepo battery to start because it is free to me lol

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No noo

dicky is a seller his company is not called setup No I did not mean to to him for battery. I meant get a custom battery by pjotr or acido for example. Cause the TB set is like 300 dollars and dicky set with all terrain wheels 140 or something. The better battery is really worth it

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The 4.20 is a good budget choice but only if you either wait for flipsky to release the updated version, or you replace the resistors yourself. Then it is flawless.

For the drive train I would recommend trying to get most of your parts from one seller, if you go with TB it will cost more but be good quality. However @dickyho also has some good motor mounts and trucks, this could be paired with his drive pulley sets and some wheels and you would have the whole drive train for probably south of $200. I would send him a message and ask if it’s posible to get a whole drive train set. He also has all terrain sets for $140 as mentioned above.

Lastly that battery is going to sag like hell. iirc those cells are 20a so you will only have 40a discharge or 20a per motor max. However that will be very sagging and range will probably be less than 10km, I would opt for 15a per motor, then as soon as possible get a new battery. Something like a 12s3p or more will be reasonable, make sure to use 30q cells or better


Ohhhh!! I see what you are saying!! Thankyou @pat.speed and @Superflim Will definitely go through @dickyho for the drivetrain

Very upsetting to hear about those batteries :frowning: maybe I can sell this pack to help fund my other battery

Also, I was hoping I could use my meepo remote with the flipsky, is this possible?

No I’m pretty sure that’s not possible.

If you got some soldering skills I would suggest getting a GT2b and doing a mod for it

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I do, I will look into it

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Ok, So instead of the torque board setup which is expenso as hell, I will go with all @dickyho parts fro drivetrain

These trucks

These Mounts

These pulleys in 5M 36T 17mm width configuration

This belt in 290 11mm configuration

Is this adequate for dual 6374s? Am I missing anything??

I’m not sure the motors will fit onto that truck hanger. I would check with dicky first

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with my 6374 motors, ok to hold 2 of them. IMG_20180818_171021


yeah you can save some money there, definiatley use @dickyho 's mounts and trucks and pulleys

since a few days ago they finished their own testings, and all their new vesc 4.20 will be shipped with the new resistors.

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Hey, that’s great to hear! Will definitely go with the 4.2

So, ive decided to bite the bullet and include a 12s4p in my build. :frowning: Because it is so expensive, i think i will buy that 1st and chill on it for a bit. Will anything bad happen if i put it on my meepo while i wait for funds for the rest of the build? EDIT: i just checked and I cannot. So I will do an esc swap 1st, then the battery, then the motor.

After the update with new resistors, should flipsky 4.2 be more reliable at 12s?

Yes, it should run perfectly at 12s with the new resistors.

I’m wondering why are you bothering to swap all of this onto your meepo. I think you would be better just making a completely separate board as none of the meepo part except the deck can be used with the new build

Because I am doing this upgrade progressively, and rather like the V2 Deck. I will end up swapping decks later, but for now it all gets put on the Meepo lol. Not to mention that I already wrapped it in carbon fiber and installed a headlight and running lights.

my plan is to get the esc 1st, then the battery, then the motor trucks and drivetrain setup. that way I can ride my board in the interim instead of waiting for parts.


After much research and consideration, I have finally purchased all the parts I need. I will start a new thread for my build. (LINK COMING SOON)