1st build ever! | Loaded Tesseract | Caliber 2 10" 50 degree | TB 6374 190 Kv | TB motor mount | TB 12s2p Li-on | TB VESC

This will be my first build ever. the full specs are Deck: Loaded Tesseract Trucks: Caliber II 50s Wheels: Orangatang Kegel Enclosures: TB enclosure Battery:TB 12s2p li-ion pack VESC: TB VESC Motors: TB 6374 190 Kv Motor Mounts: TB motor mount Remote: TB nano remote I am planning on running a 16:36 gearing ratio. Belt : 15mm What do you guys think about this build?

Would I have to anything special to run in FOC mode?

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Some people had issues running FOC with the TB VESC. But a few managed to set it up correctly and have no issues. There is a sale on Monday for FOCBOX vesc that are more reliable for running FOC. They’ll be only $97, might be worth waiting and buying them then.

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if you use TB VESC, don’t run FOC.

I’ve run FOC on a TB VESC, but not at 12s. I know several people that have blown them that way. I would wait and get a FOCbox for the same price, much better option

Wow guys! Thanks for the fast responses.

I will change the VESC to a FOCBOX on that sale on monday.

Since I’m going to be ordering from enertion, how does the TB nano compare to the enertion nano-x?

Get the nano x on discount for $28

Less dropouts on nano x