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1st Build.. Viable? | Budget Bamboozler | 6s Lipo | Single Drive 190kv

I’m looking for a simple, budget friendly eboard. I’m doing this project to learn from it just as much as I am to ride the board itself. I don’t need crazy speed or range, just looking to have some fun on a budget and learn along the way.

I weigh ~130lbs, I hope to get: Speed: 15-20mph Range: ~5+ mi

:: Sector 9 Bamboo Pintail ::

Battery: Turnigy 4000mAh 6S 30C Lipo Pack w/XT90

Charger: LiPo Balance Charger, 1S-6S Digital Discharger Battery Pack Charger 80W 6A

Motor: Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6364-190KV Brushless Outrunner Motor OR: FLIPSKY BLDC Brushless Belt 6354 190KV 2450W

Mount: Premium DIY Electric Skateboard Motor Mount (Caliber II Truck Compatible)

Pulley Kit: vanpro DIY Electric Skateboard 83MM


Trucks: Caliber II

Wheels: 83mm Pro Longboard Cruiser Wheels Flywheels

Bearings: Zealous

Remote: PUAI Hand-held Wireless Remote Controller with 2.4G RF

I’d really appreciate any and all feedback! Thank you, eSk8 community!

Take a look at torque boards

I dislike a lot of what you’ve picked It to me looks as it stems from budget only without a given glance to functionality.

either pay more or give more time to this.

Also costs can be reduced by importing.

and you missed give or take a million connectors and small bits

Torque Boards for the motor such as this?

Would you recommend this kit since I need everything it comes with anyway.

Would you mind letting me know why you dislike a lot of the parts? I’m not surprised, just not sure what other options are viable without spending a bunch more. Are the brands I picked bad?

By importing you mean China like buying from Banggod?

If I got the Torque Boards motor & single motor kit, would my build be better? Haha so many Q’s

And I know I’ll need to buy a bunch of connectors, etc :slight_smile:

All I know is they make good 218mm trucks

good 110mm wheels

and good motors

What enclosure will you use what deck as now i fail to see how to board comes together.

I’m not sure what enclosure yet. My build list was more of a list of main components. I know there are a lot of small aspects that I didn’t write out, but I was hoping to just get feedback on the main components.

It’s still very unclear to me why the parts I picked are bad… :confused:

Spec wise are they okay? It’s more an issue of brand/quality now? Thanks!

people dislike flipsky because of quality issues, the vesc is from flipsky

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tbh my board is like the same except for the battery and it works fine but i haven’t had it long

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I wouldn’t go smaller than 90mm wheels try find some cheap china but real 78a ones (not the rock hard ones)

I just quickly linked products up there NOT to recommend but to show you there are ways of doing budget better.

But all things aside this mount for sure is better if you get anything from me it’s this recommendation

Alright I’ll probably get 90mm wheels then, they sounds fun too. I’m thinking these wheels. Black 90mm

That mount does look solid, thanks!

I noticed you deleted the post that had links and said you are NOT recommending them, but they seem decent? Haha :sweat_smile:



I guess continuous 50A is a little low? But With 6s and not a super beefy motor, seems workable.

no that’s worse way worse

higher voltage is needed to compensate for low amperage if you want any power at all.

Go back to the drawing board a little and ask yourself why not go higher voltage if you have a capable ESC.

6s is only used to go with Hobby chargers and cheap ESC’s