1st esk8 build, for my son

My 1st esk8 build, it was for my son as a project. He likes skateboarding so adding a motor to a skateboard wasn’t a bad idea.


Looks great

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No. Terrible idea.

Go back to your room and think about what you’ve done.


is that a mboards enclosure? how does it hold up and for the motors cable did you fill the cut out hole or just leaved it open

I love the deck and wheel choices you’ve made.


It’s open, it was hard to get the bolts to through and nuts on. We had to get longer bolts. We did trim the edge to mold the deck shape.

So far it’s working great.

Thanks that was my son’s choice as well the grip tape.

Damn, starting from 6384’s 190KV’s huh. Nice build !

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It’s good. He is 16 and has been skating for 8 years.


Pretty dank first build, I’m sure he will enjoy


Nice build! I’m aiming for something similar with the same deck, dkp trucks and smaller motors. Where did you find pivot cups for dkp? I see you didn’t use the drop through… was it for more clearance? Is your battery double stacked?

Thanks, The pivot cups came with the RipTide bushing kit.

As for the trucks not used as a drop-through, yes for the clearance for the battery tray and to have a better turning radius for the longboard.

It’s quite the experience riding ESK8 at about that age

Very free to do as you please void of legal responsibilities those were the days.

Just make sure he’s helmed up and these are good childhood memories to come even if there be a bruise or two