2.4Ghz Mini Remote Receiver: SMD Cap?

jojo guys,

think my antenna got loose on my 2.4Ghz mini remote receiver, so I tried to open the enclosure to re-solder it. sadly its well sealed, so I had to break it open and while doing that I damaged the SMD capacitor (see picture). can anyone tell what kind of cap it is? there is nothing printed on it, dimension seems to be 3.2 x 1.6mm (just about, cant tell exactly really).

just looks like a decoupling cap (on gnd and 5V rail), 2.2uf 16V should be good (0805 size???)

it will probably work without it… but also good to have it, you have a tantalum cap that’s there for the lower frequencies, that one would take care of the higher frequencies

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hm, I have no clue about these things - all I can do is hold a soldering iron and do some minor soldering work. from the size table this seems to be a 1206 size apparantly. is bigger = better for low passing? should I look for anything above 5V and large capacity?

16V is good, the receiver is 5V. 1206… man that is a big cap… if i had to guess… 4.7uF to 22uF