2.4Ghz mini remotes available

Got more 10mm x .15mm pure nickel strip, already tested in acid + brine solution to ensure it’s for real.

10ft shipped CONUS for $9.


Still have 2.4Ghz Mini remotes for sale too:


$26 plus $3 shipping within the CONUS.

Also have 12mm wide enertion pulleys too:


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Lol, awesome! It was a pain trying to source nickel strips that wouldn’t take a month to arrive!

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yea, i already did the waiting so take some off me!

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lemme get than nickle strip

Where do you live? US or EU?

He’s in Los Angeles, California. Click on his thumbnail. np :wink:

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Oh thank you, didnt think of that

Does that store link not ship to Canada? When I do the shipping estimation for the nickel strip, it just says $0 for ground or $1.99 for pickup :confused:

hey, i never got around to setting up international (canada) shipping.

let me do that now, hold up.

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can’t figure it out.

paypal $11 per 10ft + $7 shipping to [email protected]

just make sure to identify yourself in the paypal notes and your shipping address.

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Is your website down? I cant reach it

oh yea, it is. just moved and waiting for internet to be installed. it’ll be back up tomorrow night, but if you don’t wanna wait just paypal $29 to [email protected] and it’ll be shipped tomorrow.

i run a server from home to avoid hosting fees, etc.


ok will do!

Can I buy some of that Nickel strip? I am in San Diego, Ca.

of course!

order here:


@Graphite site’s back up

I already sent you payment on paypal dude @thisguyhere

nkon.nl has good delivery times

Just ordered a remote from your site :metal:t4: Where you do ship from ?

los angeles

shipping is set too high, my mistake, I’ll send back the difference

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No problem very much appreciate it Update: got it already thanks again

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