2,4ghz remote with 2 channels, how to connect 2nd channel?

Hey, so i bought a cheap remote and it claimed that it has 2 channels, one for the throttle and the second is an on/off switch. My question is, since I haven’t received my package yet, how can i connect for example my LED strips to the remotes circuit board so that it would work? Thanks, here are pictures:

You could connect lights directly to the PPM / GND of the second channel but I wouldn’t go over 1A on it…

Or you could use 2nd channel as a trigger for the other switch for the lights, that could let more current through. Like https://hobbyking.com/en_us/turnigy-receiver-controlled-switch-1.html

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@SilentException Thanks, I plan on running low voltage 5V Led strips so i guess I’ll run them straight trough the reciever.