$2,800 shipped! Ultimate electric mountainboard--- 4x direct drive entertaining resonable offers

Hey guys unfortunentally i am unable to keep my board i just made due to bills and have to sell this asap… im takimg a decent loss on this and am open to offers so please feel free to pm me on ebay or here with your offers…

Please check this out 25 mile range 35mph four wheel/two wheel drive front or rear selectable



Looks cool bro. Does it flex still?

Yes sir full flex boxes are build with silicone flex points

You should add a video of it in full flight :sunglasses: Might help you get a buyer Including the ply# of the board might help too

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Ill add it into the description but it is a 16 ply deck… Ill see if i can add some vidios of it later

Seems nice but $3400 seems steep for a used board. My 4wd boards cost me around $2800 at retail pricing.

Best of luck selling it though. Looks nice.

It would probably be because this is a direct drive setup with brand new drives that just hit the market not so long ago the mounts for the motors alone go for $1,000 not to mention the battery Bank on this is a 12s 20 hour lithium polymer battery Bank in the board recharges in 2 hours 320 to 35 miles is possible with this board in two wheel drive set up the sport also has two wheel drive front or rear or four-wheel drive select ability also I wouldn’t quite call this board used I would call it test that I built this 2 or 3 months ago and I’ve literally taken it out for four or five rides most of which were used to tweak the board no more than a custom builder would have to do to make sure everything operates correctly if done right. Thanks for your interest I have a button available for people to make offers for what they seem fair I don’t have any sort of a limit set I’m really looking for offers from everyone at this point

Problem with the Lipos, They look like they are only 20C so not the best and because they are 6s packs, they are thick leaving what appears to be too little ground clearance.

Whoever flag the post that that dude made thank you very much that was very annoying and disrespectful made me get a little bit steamy over here haha

If anyone has questions or offers please feel free to send them to me

It wasn’t meant to be annoying or disrespectful. Just a truthful observation. I misunderstood your thread, I thought you where thinking of buying the board, not trying to sell it. And as far as who flagged my post, I wonder… No matter, anyone can view the hidden content with a click of the mouse. I also read the post that you withdrew and I personally like and use Lipos on my builds as well. As for the lack of ground clearance, you did post this as an Ultimate electric Mountainboard not a street cruiser. So one would only assume that it is meant for offroad use which is what most peeps use them for.


Well a bit of information to counteract that I think I will share with you all that this battery bank is able to produce 600 amps without breaking a sweat and continues to do so every time I have wriden it. WiFi batteries are not capable of producing that kind of power especially not enough to feed a 12 kilowatt monster and still able to go 25 miles without breaking a sweat as for bottoming out a ramp this thing off of sidewalks over curbs and onto the concrete and have rarely ever bottomed out if you are bottoming out you are definitely not riding this thing correctly I can promise you that this thing is not going to bottom out any more than any of the Longboards that are out there this was not made to go off-road this was made to do what longboards do but only better

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WATT a BEAST! Nice board! I think you will sell it sooner than later.


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No… it’s too beautiful… don’t sell a pearl like that :sweat:


Haha thanks for the kind words guys it really is tempting but it would take u till febuary of all my free money to oay off ;(

it doesn’t have too. you should start a go fund me campaign to save your esk8 I’m sure those with money to burn will feel for your cause

Sadly i did and shared it everywhere i could and recieved a harsh bashing from everyone… so ive turned to selling it

Removed boom

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Didn’t you seriously ask for others to pay for your hobby? You are having a hard time selling your board because to the majority it’s just an overpriced toy. I realize you have spent time and money in it and you should have never done this if you could not afford it. This is an expensive hobby. You will have to greatly lower your price or part it out. Good luck.