2 EScapes. EU. Please!

I know it’s a long shot…

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Shameless bump

@bigben is selling

@bigben sold two last night. Timing!


I know… gutted!

Offer more money than rojitor did :smiling_imp:

Ben’s an honourable man unfortunately…

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I can feel you man, don’t give up!

Why not try Flipsky 6.6 for now? Eventually.

Edit : Didn’t know the issue with bimmer.

I’m on 6.6 dual, which are working well apart from voltage readings… trouble is my metr pro is the only battery readings I have on my hummie.

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I hope this is a joke. You know he scammed me and other members right?

Metr is a great app, true.

Why not try using a standard BT thingy and use a simpler app? Maybe you can get correct reading values this way. Just a temp solution till Metr issue with your 6.6 is solved or you manage to get ESCapes

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Are you serious? No Didn’t know that.

Im serious, was stupid enough to make a FF payment, never again.

Well it sucks, sorry to hear it. And thanks for the warning.

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wait, mmaner scammed you?



oh, guess im reading too fast lol