2 Motor 4WD?! D: DROP ur comments

It’s enough to cause shimmying and induce a wobble. Will increase the faster you go… And I’m not sure about you but the faster I go the harder I push into a carve as I don’t like staying centered…always leaning one way or the other keeps wobbles from happening…

It’s not a setup for high speed carving sure - but everyone always bashes the idea so nobody dares to try it. How we went 2 years plus without anyone actually publishing some test results is beyond me. People have done way crazier things on this forum.

I’d like someone to come up and say: I tried it, works up to 20km/h and sucks above that. Then we at least know and everybody could decide for themselves if 20km/h would be enough of a top speed for them but have a 4WD setup.


You don’t even need motors to test it… Just install one way bearings in some wheels with a key. It will be unpleasant.

Actually, its the inner wheels getting the power so any throttle you give will likely straighten out your turn.

And i have a single rear wheel drive, the sideways force it can throw at you from full throttle/brake almost hade me keel over several times. So i imagine that stiff axles would be that times four and the one way bearing 4wd that times two but with the added fun that the driven side can change any time! Would be an interesting ride indeed…

Though if you set sensible power levels on each motor and stayed of full gas in tight turns, it’d probably work out quite nice. But you might have to give up the brakes

Could’ve choose a bigger motor.

And all the mechanical parts you need are for free?

What ever happened to this http://www.electric-skateboard.builders/t/has-it-finally-been-figured-out-1-motor-2wd/4567

@Maxid @Deckoz I knew a guy from school that tried it and it worked. I have not seen him in mire than a year but I know his 1 motor “dual” worked fine.


Had to change the title from engine to motor, I hate it when people call motors engines, they’re different things

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Motor sounds better, Its also nice that you mention your edits.

$$$ Its all about the benjies

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To me it looks pretty sick idea as long as your motors and ratio can take the load.

I want to see what you’ll come up with!

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