2 Motor 4WD?! D: DROP ur comments

! ! ! Just for impression reasons … ! ! !

Just drop ur comments and concerns below

This is just some thoughts playing… for now :stuck_out_tongue:


if this works This would be awesome!

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For science.


Wheels not beeing able to spin independently? Going to be some hard turns…


There are thooth bearing which are only spin in one direction… Maybe the use of them, so the wheels could spin free if u dont speed up, could help At least on the front side… We need the back for breaking somehow :smile:

Nice idea but nah the one-way bearing won’t work by itself, you need a LSD of some sort if you don’t wanna get locked speed for all wheels.

Keep it up !


As @Vanarian said… A one way bearing won’t work unless it’s on both side… But then that means no brakes. A single one way will require a differential, maybe a clutch type slip diff…

Double one way bearing on a front truck, with a standard setup in the back will give you extra acceleration power… But retain braking ability in the rear…


I was hoping this were about 4WD with controller per side. But yea, i’m interested how much it would be more difficult to steen with this.


this is what i tryed to explane xD

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btw that vid up there is explaning it quite well :wink: @Quezacotl @Vanarian @linsus


Missed the second post. Only saw the first with a possibille front and back setup

Another side note… one way beaings will only ever be powering one wheel unless you are going straight.

A differential will split the power between the wheels at all times proportionally

Any design for this would need to produce a better result than using 4 motors. What about this would be better?

I think the reason (non-electric) cars and whatnot use differentials is because they can’t use two motors…and those that can (electric ones) I don’t think use differentials.

To me, this seems like moving backwards

just the fact that u have to pay 2 esc and 2 motors for lets say 400 bucks if u do this all WD and with singel motors you need to pay 4 each so 800 bucks

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I would say cost…

3 motor setup would be cheaper then 4 …

Aluminum for mounting could be pennies compared to a 4th motor.

Seem 2 motor scenario is not practical for this application… but idk…

It’s probably a viable option for 3 motor drive to cut some costs over going full 4wd…

That’s legit.

What performance benefits would the extra drive-only wheels have though for the extra weight you need over a dual-diagonal or both-rear-wheels drive?

what do u mean with drive only ?

as far as we went here i like to say, this is a 2,5WD with 2 motors … so u can drive straight with 4 wheels powered and hard turns with 2 WD on the outer wheels, which is acually supporting the turn if i calculate that physically correct.

and if u mean the difference between 2 motors 2 wheels in the back than i could imagine if u get wheelspin on the back tires (maybe a spot with sand or other slippy stuff the front drive-train could pull u out ^^

im just trying to figure out if this concept is possible … ^^

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no brakes :slight_smile:

year … for teeth reasons the back wheels may need to be fixed… so u can drive 2WD up to 4WD and still break with all wheels on the back truck

I think @PXSS did the math once for the turning radius and found out it should not be too big of a deal with the small distance the wheels are apart on a skateboard. Why nobody ever went all the way and tried it I don’t know.


Just put pulleys and motor mounts on a back truck – except instead of motors, put an axle through the motor holes. Just to try it out and see how much it bites while turning. Put actual motors on the front truck while testing :wink:

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