2 sets of 6 shooters for sale

Hey all,

I bought 2 sets of six shooters for a few builds a while back. Direction of the build has changed and I want to try out the bermeisters so I need to sell at least one set of six shooters!!

They’ve never been ridden, only mounted on trucks and spun to make sure they were true. They come with the bearings and spacers.

I’ll knock $20 off their original price so $280 + shipping OBO.

I can post some picture when I get home!

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Which size pulleys come with them?

60T verse wheel pulleys

Oh how nice of you.

Go ahead and buy them for full price then. It’s the same thing.


What size bearings?

The bearings are for surf rodz 10mm axles, but I have a few sets for 8mm on hand too