2 Used Racerstar 5065 200kv, New Racerstar 5060 280KV

In the UK I have all this stuff just sitting here… Amongst other stuff.

2 spanking new Escapes (SOLD @rojitor) that I got when I was going to make an all terrain board. I’ve powered them up and done motor detections on them and they work as they should.

Next up is a well used set of MBS wheels. They were 100mm but have done some miles! SOLD

2x Well used Sensored Racerstar 5065 200kv motors. These are well used and might need some looking at. They seem to spin ok but theres a bit a noise I can’t put my finger on when spun. Price reflect the uncertainty the condition. £30 the pair plus postage.

1 Brand new in box Racerstar 5060 280KV motor unsensored £15 plus postage I have one of these on a 6s build for the kids and has been great thus far. image image image image


I think funny noises is a part of life when it comes to Racerstar 5065 motors. I’d consider that “normal” from my experience with them.

edit: not saying they’re bad motors


Kinda interested in the motors. Poping a 10s battery on the riptide and wanna ditch the 280kv 5055 on there now. Wanna check postage to Oregon 97401 for me bender?

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No worries spunkie.


They’re probably going to be close to £18 to send slowboat. Possibly worth getting some new ones? Just to note a pair of these won’t fit on regular calibers.

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Don’t own any lol. SR or bust

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A set of 6374s will do just fine then…

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Motor still available?

I’ve got the 270kv. And a pair of disassembled 6374s 200kv. The big motors need some looking at but all there.

The paired motor both are working properly? The big motor what do you mean by " looking at? "

Hi, I have the 270kV motor and it is new. The 6374s are taken apart, they need to have the grub screws removed and the shafts repositioning. Then reassembling. Ideal for a motor expert.

How much including postal service?

For what to where?

The 3 motors to ireland

I’ll take some photos of the other 2 motors this evening. Something like £45 all in. I’ll check to see I’m not way off on the postage though.

bigben: Have you still got the 2 racerstar motors? I’ll have them if they are still for sale. I am in Cornwall - would £5 cover postage?

They’ve gone I’m afraid. @Pavel Big motors in bits are still here though.

Ok, maybe next time. thanks!

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Hey man, do you still have those two 6374s, and if so how much shipped (Im in the uk)

@direct_drive I’ll be back at home later today. Drop me a pm in the afternoon and I’ll send you some photos. £35 shipped?