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2 Very Dumb Questions

Okay so I’ve decided to do a dual motor build. I already have 2 new 6354 SK3s and 2 120A FVT ESCs. My questions are:

  1. I had a 6S4P Li-Ion (LGHE2) pack built by Bara on here. Will it be able to have the current push required to power both esc/motors?

  2. How do I wire the reciever? Do I just splice both ESCs into one channel port on the reciever?

It seems like it would be the same amp draw since the amount of work is the same to move my fat ass whether I have 1 or 2 motors.

No question is a dumb question…

1)6S4P will do you just fine,don’t worry!

  1. if I’m not mistaken there are four ports on an rc receiver (not sure what controller/receiver you are using) to go to four esc’s, so you dont have to splice the wires.
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They all control different channels. You will need a servo Y connector.


@stuxtruth what @lox897 said is right you’ll need a y connector. But they are cheap and easy to use!

Are you going with the batterysupports BMS?

I don’t think it’s adequate so probably not.