2 x HM-10 Modules for sale [Au]

Anybody need these downunder? cost me $15USD ea, open to offers + some postage.

I’m in rural SA on KI.

New, never used, never plugged in bought from scepter initially when I purchased some motors from him.


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Hey bro, Are these just the standard HM10 or are they with the METR software or whatever it is? I’m in Sydney 2156

Just a bluetooth module, vesc tool has been updated now though, frank threw some pics up the other day doing motor detection I think from his phone. I don’t know all the details, check the pic thread.

or here:

These still available?

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sure are dude :+1:

I will do some research to see if I can find out if these are the ones that can actually connect to a pixel running 8.0

In scepters dark matter motor thread he has some pictures and describes them.